Friday, March 13, 2015

Five first learnings from my amazing new boss

I've been told that you don't change job, but change boss. I quite like the saying. Part of the decision about taking this new job abroad was linked to my new boss. He was one of the teachers for my Green Belt and Black Belt and I knew we got along and that he is a great guy with values I adhere to. I knew I'd gain a great boss and that I'd learn a lot, and he didn't disappoint!

I've only been there for two months, but here are my learnings so far:
  • He's the first boss I've had who asks me what he can do to help me. Every single day. By removing some road blocks or answering some questions, he is making sure I'm performing at my best. And this is not only about work, as I moved abroad he is always happy to help with personal questions too!
  • Get ready for meetings. Like 100% prepared. His expression is "let's review the agenda". It made me smile at first, but when said meeting was starting, I found out I was really confident about what needed to be achieved and how. I feel a lot of meetings could use more prep, in not only the slides but knowing what you are going to say, how you want to react if anything happen, what is your timing for each item on your agenda, who's talking, who's taking notes... Now I feel like I need to go over the agenda and the flow a few times before each meeting, and it feels good!
  • One big Excel book per project. Use tabs and put pain points, solutions, FMEA, B&E, parking lot, etc. in the same book. As long as you rename your tabs, it will make things a lot easier to find back and share with your team. It really shows how organized you are and how much work, time and effort you put into the project.
  • Learn from your team. Even with years of experience and skills way above mine, my boss is willing to learn from me if I know something he doesn't. Usually, it's a MS Office/IT question, but still, it takes humility to have that attitude.
  • Praise when owned. I don't know if it is a cultural difference, but I have received and witnessed a lot more recognition in here that I'm used to. Nothing boosts me better than a thank you and it sure is much nicer to work in that kind of mood.
I'm sure I'll be adding on to that list over time, but these few simple facts have a great impact on both the quality of my work environment and my performances. I'm never one to slack, but I'll give more, be more loyal and supportive when there is that big of a trust and respect between my boss and I.

Dan, if you read this, don't change anything!