Monday, March 9, 2015

Taking a break?

I haven’t blogged much lately. Well, not in English anyway. Let’s figure out why.

  • I started this blog at a time my career was not fulfilling. This new opportunity however is full of challenges and I don’t feel the need to research and work on content. On the other hand, I created my French travel blog to share with my friends and family pictures and a recollection of our travels, and this new adventure makes me want to share a lot with them.

  • English. Living in France, I was a bit frustrated not to use my English enough. Now that’s the language I use all the time (except at home, where we tend to be between the two languages all the time).

  • In here, I am a Lean Six Sigma expert but unlike France I don’t know everyone and have little access to information that I acquired during the past seven years of my career. This is an uncomfortable position, and though I could take comfort in blogging, I often feel too self-conscious to do so.

  • I thought I could just translate some posts and make them work on both blogs. Actually, what I need is to relate what I live from the France point of view on my travel blog and from the American one in here. This would take me minimal effort as most of the content is in my head, but I don’t feel it would be interesting.

  • I’m making changes in my life that I could / should document somewhere. But how can I talk about small changes (how I now prep for meetings for instance) when I am still experimenting? How can I talk about my journey to get healthy when it has been a week?

As I write these lines, I realize that I could tell you about my new (awesome) new boss, about what I like or not so far in the workplace here, how I try to make my cubicle more homey… This is clearly not an end but a simple break to come back with hopefully good content.